Businessman Vladimir Russu, President of Accent Group, Moldova, has always admired architecture; for him, the Doric style of columns in Ancient Rome is an example of perfection and harmony. He built a dream around this passion for history and architecture and his intention is to revive an "Antique Island" in the heart of today's Europe. He stays confident that such a project deserves to be implemented in the Carpathian Mountains, in Romania, especially considering that the history of Romania is inseparable from the heritage of the vast territories of the former Roman Empire. With such a ‘pearl’ in its cultural and tourist background, Romania will be able to regain its glory as one of the oldest and most majestic corners of Europe.

The concept of the "island" involves the construction of a huge resort with replicas of the most famous buildings and structures of Ancient Rome, there will be a central temple, an amphitheater for 320 seats, famous Greek baths and spas, a stadium for sport events and many other areas for recreation, entertainment and leisure. 

Vladimir Russu is confident that a small old town in the antique style, built already in the 21st century, could soon become one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the world. It is for this reason that the idea deserves its fulfillment in Romania - a country that must reaffirm its ambitions of a strong and respected state. 

 „Such a project will make Romania, visited by millions of people, a dream country, and its citizens will no longer be seen only as cheap human resource”, says Vladimir Russu, continuing his thought, that even the Romanian authorities would encounter great admiration if they directed their initiatives and efforts towards the implementation of this extraordinary concept. 

The "Small Antique City" will be surrounded by hundreds of hectares of Lebanese cedars, a rare tree of special symbolism that can be found in almost all royal courts. The main feature of this tree is that it stays green all year round. 

“Once being in this 'oasis' of antiquity, you will feel yourself traveling in time. The rhythm of life, garments, behavior, menu - everything will be like in those days", enthusiastically states Mr. Vladimir Russu. 

Residential villas, in the same Doric style, will be located in the cedar forest itself. 

“People who buy or rent a villa there will be surrounded by tranquility, peace and solitude, in order to fully enjoy the royal calm and comfort that reigns in a cedar forest. In addition, I plan for the resort to have the most advanced spa services in the world, this place will be truly unrivaled.” continues on his idea Mr. Russu. 

By promoting such a project, Romania will represent significant advantages for European funds, and after the construction of the entire complex, it will undoubtedly become a unique landmark, on international scale. 

 “There is a great bulk of tourism potential in Romania, that is currently not developed at all. The planning and implementation of such a large-scale and promising project would certainly reposition Romania to the status of a country with popular tourist attractions and would include it in the league of countries with a highly-developed level of tourism.

Contemporary trends in this area are directed towards vacations and leisure with elements of entertainment, and even adventure, as well as for visiting places with rare symbols. Only with beautiful views and wild forests, as today in the region of the river Prut, there is no way to direct huge flows of tourists to this region.”, concludes the President of ACCENT GROUP.

The overall forecasted investment in the project is about one billion euros, and Vladimir Russu has already begun an active search for partners, investors and funds to make his dream come true. 

 “The beautiful and harmonious architecture of Ancient Rome has survived only on historical sites, some are even in ruins, that have remained over time. These treasures will also be lost to humanity. I believe that the moral duty of today's generation is to preserve and pass on this heritage.”, asserts Mr. Russu. 

The noble shapes and forms of Ancient Rome architecture evoke delight and admiration, they amaze with their exquisite lines and wonderful details, but unfortunately only some of them retain the previous authentic elements, in all their complexity.

Main achievements of ACCENT GROUP Construction Company:

Vladimir Russu is a business executive, who regards the situation and its perspectives on a full and comprehensive scale, so his group of companies, in general, and in particular the construction company, developed projects that at first seemed impossible to realize.

 For example, Granit Imobil, a subsidiary of ACCENT GROUP, has built one of the most complex buildings in Chisinau: The Financial and Business Center, located on bd. Stefan cel Mare, 171/1. This is a semi-cylindrical-structured construction, with more than a half of its upper level areas supported by a single column. The Residential complex "Ambasador" is another gem in the portfolio of the construction company Granit Imobil, and these are just a few of the turnkey A+ building projects that Vladimir Russu is very proud of, and is enthusiastically and actively promoting even more interesting projects for the future.