The Motion against the Government Filip failed due to lack of quorum, after the parliamentary majority announced that it will not be present at the meeting. Deputy Chairman of the Parliament, Vladmir Vitiuc, who led the meeting in the absence of the President Andrian Candu, said that due to the lack of quorum, the motion of censure did not pass, and the draft laws for which the Government Filip assumed responsibility are voted and the Secretariat of the Parliament will prepare them for signature to the President of the legislative.

Igor Dodon, the president of the Socialist Party, declared to the journalists that the lack of the parliamentary majority at the meeting does not mean that the issues raised in the motion of no confidence have disappeared. Based on this case, the fraction PSRM would address to the Constitutional Court.

Inna Supac, the president of the Communist faction, said that the meeting had to be set on Thursday when they are usually holding the meetings of the Parliament, because on Monday the deputies are in the territory. The MP also said that the Communist deputies are preparing another motion of no confidence and suggested to the Prime Minister Pavell Filip that the"end, sooner or later, will come".

The motion of no confidence was submited after Filip government has assumed the responsibility for several laws including debt conversion into state loans offered to the devalued three banks.