PPDA president, Andrei Năstase, was not surprised by the decision of Marian Lupu, declaring that this is a poisoned gesture and a cowardly one. Andrei Năstase, declared that he learned about Marian Lupu's decision to withdraw from the race, while he was at an electoral meeting in support of Maia Sandu.

"It is true that his gesture was a poisoned and a cowardly one. Why? Because behind this decision prevails Plahotniuc's interest and the one of the Democratic Party to move forward at any price his evil comrade for President, Igor Dodon, the convenient man, controllable and easy to blackmail," posted Năstase on Facebook.

Năstase considers that PD argument on caring for the pro-European opposition is cynical and absurd. With this decision, says Nastase, is aimed to run down the joint candidate of the "Action and Solidarity" Party and "Dignity and Truth Platform" Party - Maia Sandu.

"They smear everything they touch. The withdrawal, so to say, in favor of Maia Sandu is nothing less than a new villainy staged by Hunt. It's a script from GBC to offer Dodon the victory in the elections and discredit the joint candidate, antioligarhic with popular support, Maia Sandu," declared Năstase.