Today Maia Sandu appeals to the citizens of Moldova and calls for unity. The message of the leader of PAS comes 20 hours apart, after what yesterday, she said that neither she, nor the people of Moldova do not need the support of Plahotniuc, this being the first reaction of Maia Sandu to to the withdrawal of Marian Lupu from the electoral race regarding the support of PAS leader at the presidential elections.

In today's message Maia Sandu says that "Moldova needs unity now," and urges to consolidation of all the forces, regardless of the language they speak and geopolitical options.

"Regardless of your political choices, the language you speak, whether you look to the West or to the East, if you admire Romania or Russia, I will give all my power for each of you to feel safe at home. Because every citizen counts." added Sandu.

We must emphasize that yesterday, after what Marian Lupu announced his decision to withdraw from the electoral race, Maia Sandu rejected the support of Democrats. The PAS leader wrote on her Facebook page: "With this poisoned apple, Plahotniuc wants to help, in fact, Dodon. Supporting Plahotniuc and promoting me in his holding, has only the purpose to compromise me."

Today the PPEM candidate for president, Iurie Leanca, claims that namely the "emotional and totally irrational reaction of Maia Sandu" helped to change the decision of his party, i.e. to remain in the electoral race.

After he announced his decision at a press conference, to remain in the electoral race, Leanca said that three days ago, his personally decision was to withdraw however from the race "to help Maia Sandu to accede in the second round." But after "the irrational and totally emotional reaction of Maia Sandu to reject the voters of PD" the PPEM candidate changed his position, for "there is a very high risk that Dodon will become president from the first round."