A group of generals and officers in reserve and in retirement of the administrative corps of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of the Interior and the Security and Intelligence Service throw their support to candidate for President Maia Sandu.

The group presented a statement saying that Maia Sandu is considered a real and efficient promoter of Moldova’s advancement to democratic values, rule of law and rooting out of corruption, to ensuring order and coming close to welfare similar to that in most of the European states, IPN reports.

General Ion Costas, ex-minister of the interior and of defense, said that if Igor Dodon is elected President, the Republic of Moldova risks changing its European course. 

Former minister of the interior, General Victor Catana said that the candidate for President Igor Dodon is a promoter of the imperialist ideas of the Russian Federation. He proposes federalizing the country, but Moldova’s statehood will be thus affected. Maia Sandu is a symbol of the national resistance and will be a reliable corruption fighter.

"Our state goes through a dramatic, but important period. Candidates for President Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu suggest two options for the fate of the Republic of Moldova. The optimistic hopes of most of the people are connected with Maia Sandu," said Colonel Andrei Covrig.

The officers called on the electors of all ages to vote in the November 13 runoff elections and support Maia Sandu, saying that she represents Moldova’s future, while the Socialist candidate’s commitments concerning the fight against corruption lack credibility.