Action and Solidarity Party representatives declare that are the target of an attack from Orhei mayor, Ilan Shor, and the opponent of Maia Sandu, Igor Dodon. PAS reaction comes after the General Secretary and Treasurer of PAS, Igor Grosu, was intercepted in a dialogue with Veaceslav Galoi, a Shor's employee. The two discuss how to transfer 280 thousand lei on the party's account.

The PAS reaction indicated that audio recordings "recently published by a blogger with sad fame and presented as sensational is a casual conversation between Igor Grosu and a person who has visited the PAS headquarters."

PAS representatives still claim to have "conversations of this kind with hundreds of people every day, especially when they have to explain the procedure for donation to the party. The transparent and direct practice of the party is new and must be explained to citizens. We communicate to all citizens who want to donate that there are two ways to donate, both on candidate's account and on the account of PAS."

The press release of the party also mentions that the "published records on social networks have been made, from our point of view, illegally. We submit a complaint to police and prosecutor's office on this case."

"We specify that the person who was at the PAS headquarters and who hasn't give a name  does not match the one shown in the image  offered by the blogger with sad fame as the interlocutor of Igor Grosu. The conversation shows that the citizen in the registration is an ordinary provocateur sent with the intent to denigrate us. We have not accepted his services. We recall that subsequent verification showed that the citizen has integrity problems and PAS returned the received amount," is mentioned in the release.

We must emphasize that the General Secretary and Treasurer of PAS, Igor Grosu, consented to a money transfer from an employee of Ilan Shor. This follows two audio recordings, released by the blogger Eugen Luchianiuc, where Grosu tells Veaceslav Galoi how to transfer money.

The blogger claims that these records were made yesterday, November 7, when on PAS account were transferred 280 thousand MDL. In the records, the two discuss how they can make the money to be used so as to not need to be reflected in the financial statements.

PAS communiqué avoids to comment Luchianiuc's remark about the fact that Igor Grosu "discusses the checks through which he transferred the money to PAS. How to move money through various companies, how to fool the CEC in that the money are donated to the party first, not to Maia Sandu, on the grounds that the party is checked twice a year, and the candidate - daily."

After the first "round" of the scandal, Igor Grosu held a press conference and said that the representatives of the Action and Solidarity Party have never demanded money from Ilan Shor, and of the transfer of 280 000 lei on party's account he accuses the rival of Maia Sandu, Igor Dodon. The General Secretary and Treasurer of PAS declared that he has evidence that behind this transfer would be the socialist Dodon.

We specify that Ilan Shor admitted that he transferred money to the account of PAS, because someone from the team of Maia Sandu asked for help. The statement was made today, on the corridors of Buiucani District Court.

Below, you can listen to the audio recordings: