"That's life, baby," replied Igor Dodon to the PAS leader - Maia Sandu - who an hour ago wrote a message of "Goodbye!" to her rival. Dodon believes that Maia Sandu does not have the courage to appear in televised debates because she felt lost at the three ones that have occurred so far. PAS representatives did not respond the calls to provide comments on this topic.

Igor Dodon said that he still has questions for Maia Sandu that have not been addressed at the first debates. He hopes to see her again and ask the questions.

"Everyone saw that Maia Sandu has no answers to my questions. In addition, she probably suffers from the dirty financial schemes that make her team members and flees from her answers and explanations on this subject. I believe that there are many things we can still say to people in these debates. We must give them the opportunity to see us together, to see the differences and to make the right decision. I have new themes I want to discuss in front of viewers," wrote Igor Dodon.

We recall that the candidate for President, Maia Sandu, announces general mobilization among her team and said that from today her opponent, Igor Dodon, "no longer exists". The post can be presented as the PAS leader renounces inclusively to direct confrontations with Dodon from TV debates scheduled later this week.

According to her, people need to say goodbye to "lies and dirty past." In this regard she says she will focus on a direct dialogue with citizens "from house to house."