The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) profoundly regrets the situated created in the presidential runoff, when Moldovans from the diaspora were unable to vote. MFAEI also stressed that the problem appeared at the polling stations because election laws, but not bad intentions from a person or an institution.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration has communicated its position on the organization of elections in the polling stations opened abroad. The Ministry had to manage 100 polling stations, 60 of which were opened outside embassies. At a number of polling place, not all the citizens could exercise the right to vote.

"The Ministry profoundly regrets this situation. It made effort to ensure everything is done in accordance with the legislation.The the decision to establish polling places outside the country is approved by the Government after all the other issues are considered. Here I want to recall the two basic requirements set out in the Electoral Code in identifying the localities where will be opened polling stations. It is about the preliminary registration of citizens residing abroad and the number of voters who participated in the previous elections. The number of polling places was higher compared with the previous years: by five more than in 2014 and by 25 more than in 2010. The voters were also given a number of concessions. They were allowed to vote with the expired passports. The problem arises when at the station arrive more people than the maximum number of 3000 ballots, established by the Electoral Code. This is crucial for understanding the situation in which we find ourselves", stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Andrei Galbur.

The official said problems appeared because the current legislation does not envision such a situation. "It is a system problem that is not related to a concrete person or institution," he noted. Andrei Galbur also said that the Ministry, alongside other responsible institutions, is trying to identify solutions to avoid similar situations in the future, most probably by amending the Election Code.

A number of Moldovans didn’t manage to vote at polling places established overseas in the presidential runoff on November 13 because the ballots were used up. Dissatisfied, representatives of the diaspora filed complaints and sued the Central Election Commission.