The PAS leader, Maia Sandu, states that "in the information letter" sent by the Constitutional Court to the PAS was not specified "the day of the meeting" concerning the examination of the presidential election results.

On her Facebook page, the politician said that "Mr. Tanase does everything possible to move the discussion in bureaucratic details and he has a biased position, trying hard to prove that all the given grounds were unacceptable, although, on the other hand, he declares that he has no capability to analyze them."

"It's a little impertinent from the President of the Court to insist on the time of transmission of the letter of information (which by the way only yesterday has noted the day of the hearing, the first letter of December 9 did not specify anything about the day of the meeting), in the context in which we present serious situations that influenced the election results. Thus it was vitiated the vote of many citizens of the country and were subjected to mockery several dozen of thousands who were able to cast their vote. This is less important for Mr. Tanase" writes the PAS leader.

Further on, Maia Sandu says that Alexandru Tanase declares that the Constitutional Court does not have the resources to investigate the evidence by the PAS on the fraudulent elections and requires such an investigation from the PAS.

"Therefore, we understand that no authority from Moldova can not exercise its attributions and our team would have to do the work in full of the authorities, the police, of CEC, of the Government, from the hearing of witnesses, to the investigation, the finalization of decisions," added Maia Sandu.

We must emphasize that the President of the Constitutional Court, Alexandru Tanase, asked the representative of PAS during the meeting why they decided to submit the appeal to the Constitutional Court today, he also asked how many complaints has made PAS to the appropriate authorities on violations discovered by the members of Action and Solidarity Party and why they did not go on to higher courts with the appeals.

We remind you that the Constitutional Court President, Alexandru Tanase, said that the Action and Solidarity Party has been notified about five days ago that, as soon as it will be concluded the last case, the Court will meet to consider the validation of the results of the presidential election.

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