PLDM fraction has requested the hearing of the Government on Executive's policies and programs at the Legislative meeting. According to the Liberal-Democrat, Iurie Tap, deputies have the opportunity to perform a parliamentary control over government activity.

The initiative was supported by representatives of PSRM and PCRM, but did not gain the necessary votes. In this regard, both the Liberal Democrats and the Communists had reminded the parliamentary majority that such a topic should not be put to a vote, but carried out in accordance with the Regulation of the Parliament.

We specify that according to Article 126 of the Regulation of the Parliament, at the suggestion of the Standing Bureau, of the standing committees or of the parliamentary factions, the Parliament also initiates the hearings of other issues of major public interest

In this regard, the Speaker Andrian Candu, announced that he will discuss this subject with Prime Minister Pavel Filip and will get back with details.