The elected President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, said on the show "Moldova live" on Moldova 1, that the priests, like any ordinary citizen, have the right to free expression, and therefore he sees no problem in the fact of the involvement of the clergy in the campaign.

"The Constitution and the law allows any citizen to express his opinion freely about his political views, no matter where he operates, in church, in state institutions, he is allowed to express himself freely. What is the problem?", Said Dodon, quoted by Adevarul Moldova.

We mention that the fact of the involvement of the clergy in the campaign was criticized by the Constitutional Court on December 14, the day in which the presidential elections were constitutionally valid.

The Court noted that the activity of religious cults and their component parts may be suspended by the courts, for a period of up to one year. In the case of religious cults or their component parts carries serious actions, their work may be terminated by judicial process. The Ministry of Justice has the right to act in court the religious cults or their registered component parts for suspension or termination of service if it has conclusive evidence of the existence of one of the grounds provided by the law.

The Bishop Marchel said that if parliament will establish a mechanism for prompt and immediate sanctioning of the church servants in politics involvement, he will condemn this personally. "Moreover, I want to say that the sanctioning of the Church means civil war! Because the punishment of the cult, as I understand it, means restricting the spiritual and church service provision or even closing churches ", said the Bishop Marchel for Deschide.MD.