The Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, believes that the initiative of the President, Igor Dodon, to ask the Parliament to repeal the law which refers to the government debt from "the billion theft" is a populist one and that the new head of state, "enters in office with the wrong foot"

Before starting today's cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister Filip, said that if the Government and the Parliament had not done this, then Moldova would lose a lot of external funding.   

„First of all, Mr. Dodon must not enter in office with the wrong foot. Secondly, there were a number of complaints to the Constitutional Court on this law about which the President must know and thirdly, this project is already consumed," said the Prime Minister. 

The Prime Minister added that "this category of politicians are coming to deceive because the truth is quite different".

„If we would do not do this: if we would do not approve this law, we would not have obtained 60 mln. euro from Bucharest, 15 million from the IMF and 45 mln. euros from the European Parliament, or 40 mln. from the World Bank. All these these politicians wanted to put on the citizens shoulders over 2 billion lei starting with 2017. Just today we signed a project worth 10-million. euro with partners from Germany, which are provided as grant money. Even if the reality is sometimes hard, even if the feedback on these laws is bad, but we have never lied to the people. We want cooperation with the President of Moldova”, stated Filip.

We remind you that today, the President, Igor Dodon signed the legislative initiative on the cancellation of the law involving the passing on the shoulders of the citizens the repayment of the stolen billions from the banking system.

 In a Facebook post, Dodon announces that he will not allow that "the stolen billions" to be repaid at the expense of the citizens.