Even if at the leadership of the Department of State of the United States come new people, a change in the relations with Moldova will not occur as long as the country fulfills its obligations stipulated in the bilateral agreements. This is the opinion of the former Moldovan Ambassador to the US, the executive director of IDIS "Viitorul", Igor Munteanu.

Being asked to comment the decision of President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, to recommend the ambassadors installed in office by President Barack Obama to leave their posts until the day of investiture and at the same time, to estimate the future of the bilateral relations, Munteanu said that he does not believe in sudden changes in relation to our country.

"Politics can be changed by circumstances evaluated by the new administration. I cannot make conclusions about the sudden change of policy towards Moldova or region. This will be seen in the following months," said the expert.

As President-elect Donald Trump's decision concerns only the politically appointed ambassadors, not career diplomats, it is possible, according to sources, that the US ambassador to Moldova, James Pettit, to preserve his position. In this context we asked Igor Munteanu to comment to what extent will change the relations of the US diplomatic representation in Chisinau. According to him, changing of the relationships can occur if the Moldovan government is changing expectations of US, or our country will not fulfill the tasks and roles dictated by strategic dialogue.

"There are agreements, forms of bilateral cooperation. If things deteriorate, we can expect some changes. It all depends on how we respect the international rules and maintain the previously announced course" said Munteanu.