The Government's reform and PL's initiative on the president Dodon's impeachment were two of the topics discussed last night at the first meeting of the Coalition Council this year. For about two hours, those present spoke about the beginning and the priorities of the Spring parliamentary session and about last session debts.

The MP of the Social Democratic Platform, Artur Reshetnikov, informed us that during the debates on the subject on Government's Reform, came several proposals, and in the near future the government will submit the bill to the Parliament.

"I think that next spring the Government's reform process will be completed," said the MP.

The same thing told us and the Democrat MP, Sergiu Sirbu.

"We did not discussed the project, maybe that is why the discussions were very calm. There are different opinions, but at the following sessions we will discuss in-depth in order to reach the consensus," told us the lawmaker.

Another discussed topic was the initiative of PL on the president's, Igor Dodon, impeachment, told us Sarbu and Reshetnikov.

The Democrats have told that basically they are not against this initiative, but it has been decided to form a working group composed of lawyers to develop a document that does not have legal loopholes.

Other sources from the Legislative also told us that until February 10th should be clear the structure of the new parliamentary majority, considering that it is expected certain changes in the structure at the beginning of this parliamentary session. But this topic was not discussed at the meeting last night.

Earlier, the Deputy Secretary General of the Government, Valentin Guznac, said in early December that in all ministries will be unit reductions when the administrative reform will start. The reductions will target about 30% of staff.

As for the number of ministries after optimization, there are two proposals: to Liberal Party and other components of the alliance. According to PL's project, from four ministries that they currently hold, they will cede only the Ministry of Environment which will merge with the Ministry of Agriculture. The second project provides for the abolition of the Ministry of Transport, but the Liberals are against this proposal.