Igor Dodon stated today in Brussels at a meeting with the European Council president, Donald Tusk, that he, as president, will approve the initiative to the cancellation of the Association Agreement with the EU, in case of parliamentary elections or a possible referendum. At the same time, the head of state proposed to launch trilateral talks Moldova-European Union-Russian Federation on the subject of trade.

Thus, Dodon said that the restoration of relations with the Russian Federation is vital for Moldova. Similarly, the Moldovan President asked from the EU assistance in investigating the fraud of billions in the banking system and thanked for the record financial support given to Moldova in the last 8 years.

"I had a meeting with Mr. Donald Tusk, the European Council President. I exchanged views on the current situation and immediate relationship between the EU and Moldova. I noted that, although the forecasts on the development of our country after signing the Association Agreement with the EU were very optimistic, in fact, after two years of implementation, the situation in the country worsened. I refer both to macroeconomic indicators, quality of life, corruption perception indices, but also the independence of institutions and media freedom," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Dodon also said he does not refuse to the idea of cancellation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement.

"We reiterated that if the result of ordinary or early parliamentary elections, or in a possible referendum shall be decided that the Association Agreement with the EU must be canceled, as president I will comply to this initiative. I warned on the fact that the loss of confidence in EU institutions, but also of those who would like an integration with the EU, from 68% in 2009 - to 38% in 2016, is due to poor governance in this period and doubles standards with geopolitical context that the EU officials have applied in relation to what happened in these years in Chisinau," said the head of state.

Dodon also criticized and the manner of granting the financial support from the EU.

"On the other hand I thanked for the record financial support provided to our country in the last 8 years, but I expressed regret that this assistance has not improved the quality of people's lives. I specified that, now, for Moldova is vital the restoration of relations with the Russian Federation and in the context I proposed the initiative to launch trilateral negotiations EU, Moldova, the Russian Federation on the subject of trade. On the other hand, as I requested in Moscow I did in Brussels as well - we asked for assistance in investigating the fraud of billions in the banking system, especially that all this happened after signing the Association Agreement. We talked about the fact that the reforms in Chisinau are mostly mimicked, although is necessary political will to reform, first of all, the institutions of law, the justice system, the Prosecutor's Office," he announced.

We remind you that this is the second official visit by President Igor Dodon, the first being in Moscow. At his meeting with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the head of state said that PSRM will win the parliamentary elections in 2018 and intends to cancel the Association Agreement with the EU, signed by Moldova in 2014.

We mention that two weeks ago the Prime Minister Pavel Filip said that Dodon's statements on the waiver of the Association Agreement with the European Union remain only declarations at political level and that both the Government and the Parliamentary majority focuses on the European path.
"The government will not accept that in any way. This agreement is one of our strategic pillars on what the Government relies. We have a liberalized visa regime, we have a macro-financing agreement worth 100 million euros and if ordinary people did not feel this investment is not the fault of the EU but the administration in Chisinau"said earlier the Prime Minister.