Moldova plans to boycott the Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS that will be held in St. Petersburg from 26 till 28 March. The Parliamentary sources inform that the reason is related to the lack of concrete action on resolving the issues raised in the note of protest sent by the Moldovan authorities to the Russian Federation authorities. The speaker refused to provide details on this subject, but confirmed that it is considering the possibility of such a decision and that it will be taken in the coming days.

However, the scales are tipped more towards a boycott of the event above-mentioned, said the sources for the portal Deschide.MD. This decision should send a strong signal about the problems in relations between Moscow and Chisinau.

"I can not say much more and comment on the subject. Indeed from 26 till 28 March will take place the CIS Parliamentary Assembly. The Moldovan delegation was expected, but now it is examined the possibility not to participate in the conditions to a lack of feedback and information that we have about the risks of travel. The decision will be taken in the coming days," said Andrian Candu for Deschide.MD.

Asked if the final decision will be discussed with the Western partners, Andrian Candu answered us that the decision belongs to the Republic of Moldova authorities alone.

We asked if any decision to boycott the event might mean that the Chisinau authorities are dissatisfied with Russia's attitude after sending the note of protest:

"Allow me to not comment on this. There are several topics to consider, including whether the Moldovan Parliament will participate or not at this event," said Andrian Candu stating that Chisinau is still awaiting a response to that note of protest to the attitude towards the Moldovan authorities.

We recall that Speaker Andrian Candu, and Prime Minister Pavel Filip sent a note to the political leadership of the Russian Federation, which signaled a series of abuses committed against officials of the Government and Parliement, special services and Coalition parties of the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwIn the note is described the manner in which the Moldovan officials are abusively stopped at the entrance to the Russian Federation, questioned, searched, treated humiliatingly by the representatives of the Russian special services.

The harassment of Moldavian officials at the entrance to the Russian Federation and their placement under international monitoring, have gained momentum once the Moldovan investigators advanced in the investigations case of laundering of 22 billion dollars through Moldinconbank, money that came from the Russian Federation. Specifically, immediately after were arrested bank officials of the bank above mentioned, and judges and executors were put under accusation, some of them already sent to court. We note that the investigation revealed inclusively links between some of the money and the attempted bribery of deputies of the Parliament of Moldova.

We highlight the fact that only in recent months, at least 25 Moldovan officials were stopped and treated abusively at the entrance to the Russian Federation. 

Another concern expressed is linked to the total lack of cooperation of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation with the Moldovan investigators in this case, including refusals to respond to rogatory commissions sent by Moldovan prosecutors in the investigation of laundering the 22 billion dollars.

Until solving this problem, the Moldovan officials will be asked to refrain from traveling to the Russian Federation.

Equally important it is to mention that the President Igor Dodon begins today, March 16, his working visit to the Russian Federation. On March 17, the president has scheduled a meeting with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Ion Ceban, the trusted person of President Dodon said that the agenda of discussions with Kremlin leader are issues concerning bilateral relations, Moldovan migrants, exports, and more. Previously Igor Dodon said that during the visit to Moscow he will attend, along with members of the Economic Council of the President at a forum of business representatives from Moldova and Russia. The Head of State noted that in the Russian Federation will be examined the potential investment and partnership opportunities in the interest of both parties to conclude the long-term cooperation.

In the context of the same subject, Deschide.MD obtained a copy of recommendations for avoiding trips.