The President Igor Dodon says that the Democratic Party "wants to deprive the MPs of immunity for obtaining an additional tool of pressure and political blackmail".

On his Facebook page, the head of state writes that depriving the parliamentary immunity will allow PDM to be more "persuasive" in negotiations with their coalition partners.

"The government will try to intimidate the opposition MPs with manufactured cases, either to shut their mouth or to force them to become "neutral". Now when it has in its political subordination the Prosecutor Office, the ISS, the police, the government can frame anything, it can invent overnight any cases to treacherously settle old scores with opposition forces in parliament. They intent to exercise indirect pressure on the presidential institution. By striking in socialist deputies, through manufactured files, they will seek to make me more conciliatory towards their antisocial and geopolitical flawed projects," said the president.

Dodon adds that the Democrats MPs will not be affected at all by the lack of immunity because the Prosecutor Office will not dare to investigate them, that is why the withdrawal of parliamentary immunity can not be accepted now, because it does not make any sense.

"Only after the next parliamentary elections we will be able to seriously examine this bill. Only then, when state institutions will be credible and will not be politically monopolized, they will not act as deterrent instruments, only then the renunciation of parliamentary immunity will be reasonable. Then the politicians will yield to the justice what is of justice. But now, the politicians dominate everything. We have in government Democrats, but we do not have true democracy in the country. It means that deprivation of immunity is unacceptable in a state where the law is a servant of political leadership," concluded the president.

We remind you that yesterday the President of Parliament Andrian Candu stated at a press conference that the draft amendment to the Constitution regarding the cancellation of parliamentary immunity of deputies is back on the table. At the PD meeting was decided that the initiative would be included in the parliamentary agenda. -----------------