Prime Minister Pavel Filip says that Moldova and Romania are twin hearts, that beat in the same rhythm. The statement was made by Moldovan Prime Minister in the press conference that took place after the meeting with his Romanian counterpart Sorin Grindeanu.

When asked by the press which will be the relations between Moldova and Romania considering that in Chisinau is a pro-Russian president, the two prime ministers made it clear that their collaboration focuses only on the segment of the Executive.

"From the standpoint of Romania, we promote an accurate and principled reporting with Moldova. Our main interlocutor in Chisinau is the Moldovan government and any meeting of this type, like the one today and one that will take place in Chisinau, strengthens the relations between Romania and Moldova. I said at the beginning, that it is important to focus on real, concrete and tangible projects. Only the European option can provide answers to the expectations of Moldovan citizens are ready to support Moldova in its European path," said the Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu.  

The Chief of the Cabinet from Chisinau said that the relationship with Romania will become stronger, even though certain people does not like to hear such things

"We have a very good relationship. We discussed today and the fact that takes our relationship not only political declarations and concrete actions. Our citizens must understand that the relations between countries are not only declarative, but are also achieved through concrete projects. Moldova is a parliamentary republic and the Constitution empowers the decisions of the Parliament and Government. In this way I want to say that nothing, absolutely nothing will change in our relations with Romania and on the contrary they will become better and better, even if certain people does not like to hear such things, Moldova and Romania are twin hearts, that beat in the same rhythm. And whenever Moldova had difficult times, the first helping hand came from Romania. Hence I see no reason for concern in this respect because, as said Mr. Grindeanu, the reporting is with the Government, as it is with all other development partners of ours, such as the IMF, World Bank, Union European," said Pavel Filip.

Asked by journalists how the parliamentary majority will vote in Chisinau the draft law recorded on day 27 March which shall be declared national day, Prime Minister Filip said that we must put this bill at the expense of Parliament. "When will begin consultations on this issue, then we will talk".