The bill on amending the Article 70 of the Constitution was included on the agenda of the plenary sessions of the Parliament for the period 24 to 31 March 2017. Furthermore, the Permanent Bureau, at the meeting today, has decided the nonparticipation of the official delegation of the Moldovan Parliament in events organized on the occasion of 25 years since the formation of the CIS.

The reason is the harassment by Russian authorities of certain dignitaries in Moldova. The decision was taken by majority vote the Permanent Bureau. The proposal was not supported by representatives of the PSRM and PCRM factions. However, the leader of PSRM announced that the Socialists deputies will go on their own at the event.

Other projects included on the agenda of the plenary sessions of Parliament during March 24 to 31 are: The draft decision on the appointment as Director of the Administrative Council of the National Agency for Energy Regulation, the draft law on integrity, which shall be discussed in the second reading, the Bill on the Agency to recover criminal assets, the second reading.

There will also be examined several draft amendments and additions targeting the banking sector, including the guarantee of deposits in the banking system. 

In Parliament's agenda for the next period was also included the special Commission report to streamline the legal framework on child nutrition in preschool and educational institutions.