The Democratic Party undertake an evaluation process of ministers, deputies and heads of public institutions promoted on by the party. The announcement was made in the framework of the traditional press briefing which takes place every Monday, by the party leader, Vlad Plahotniuc.

The politician said that the capabilities of each individual promoted by the PDM will be verified, and depending on the test results they will decide on remaining or dismissal from office of the person concerned. 

"Which of our colleagues will not be effective to the human needs will be replaced by others, that will cope with this objective. The management positions are not for PR or business ", said Plahotniuc, adding that his party has enough suitable people, that he would advance in offices that will remain vacant.

The Democrat said also that today, at the Democratic Party meeting, was presented a draft for a code of integrity of the party members. On this code will be consulted people outside the party, with experts and civil society which is not affiliated with opposition parties.

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