The Socialists have submitted the case to trial on the registration of the initiative, that will start the procedure in order the revocation referendum of Dorin Chirtoaca from the Chisinau general mayor office.

 After they went to court today, the leader of the PSRM at CMC Ion Ceban, said he is certain that by the end of this year, Chisinau will have another mayor.

"I said that by the end of this year, there will be elections in Chisinau, and Chisinau citizens will be able to choose a new mayor. We will wait and see what the court says and we call upon the court to respect the letter of the law. And if this will be done, I'm sure we'll have another mayor. Since they will give the green light to collect signatures, I believe that in the shortest time we will manage to collect signatures of 10% of the voters in the capital to start a referendum," said Ceban.  

We remind you that after PSRM announced its intention to initiate a referendum to revoke the Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca from office, the Mayor said that "the Socialists proceed in accordance with the Soviet system, denying everything that is done for the good of Chisinau, trying to make the society hysterical and to create an illusion of his work-------------------------------". 

We mention that according to the Electoral Code, the decision on revocation of the mayor shall be considered adopted by local referendum whether it passed an equal number or more voters than voted for his election, but no less than half of the voters who participated in referendum. So, for Dorin Chirtoaca to be dismissed, "For" must vote at least 163 570 inhabitants.