The draft law on cancellation of parliamentary immunity was endorsed today by eight votes 'for' and two abstentions, the legal commission for appointments and immunities of Parliament. At commission's meeting missed only the leader of the PLDM, Tudor Deliu, stated for Deschide.MD the MP Sergiu Sarbu.

Legal commission for appointments and immunities examined today the bill to amend the Art.70 of the Constitution. Through this bill is proposed to return to the initiative for annulment of parliamentary immunity.

At today's meeting, the project has received a positive opinion and will be discussed at the next plenary meeting. The Socialists abstained, in turn "For" has voted the PLDM MP, Angel Agache.

"I voted for this project because it is one of the strengths with which I came into politics. I also proposed an amendment which I hope will be accepted in the second reading. It is about cancellation of immunity of the president" told Angel Agache for Deschide.MD. 

We tried to find out if this is the position of all PLDM MPs, but the faction leader, Tudor Deliu, did not answered the call because he is traveling.

We remind you that recently the Permanent Bureau decided that the bill to amend the Constitution on the waiver of parliamentary immunity is to be included on the agenda of the plenary sessions of the Parliament for the period March 24 to 31, but it was returned to the parliamentary committees.

We note that to adopt the changes it is necessary 2/3 of the 101 deputies and 67 votes. If the document will not be supported by those 24 socialists, 7 communists and 9 Liberal Democrats, the proposal will not be adopted.