A group of Liberal Democratic Party leaders have left the party because they did not agree with the opinions of the party leadership in relation to multiple topical issues. It's about the MP Angel Agache; president of Ialoveni district, Anatolie Dimitriu; the alderman, Ghenadie Dumanschi; the former head of the Tourism Agency, Nicolae Platon and Dorin Mandreanu, a former member of the National Council for Participation(NPC) - the one who registered the party at the Ministry of Justice. All five members stood at the basis of foundation of the PLDM.

The MP Angel Agache said exclusively for Deschide.MD that the decision was taken after the public statements made by PLDM leadership to several topics that are included in the program and statute of the party.

"The current leadership does not comply with the work program, also it violates the status. I hope that at least the faction colleagues will support those principles for which we came into politics because there are some promises to the electorate and respectively tomorrow, a day after tomorrow we will be asked, you promised the uninominal vote, you promised MPs without legislative immunity", declared the MP.

He said that he just left the party but not the fraction. A decision on its membership in parliamentary configuration will be made depending on the position of PLDM on the uninominal vote and parliamentary immunity.

.In the context we will specify that Angel Agache voted today the draft law on cancellation of parliamentary immunity approved by the judicial commission for appointments and immunities - otherwise a fund committee.

Returning to to the quittings from PLDM, these we were confirmed as well by Nicolae Platon who refused, however, to provide additional statements.

We tried to get a reaction from the party leader, Viorel Cibotaru, but currently he has his phone disconnected.

(UPDATE 14:00) The PLDM Vice President, Vadim Pistrinciuc, offered a comment on this subject to the portal unimedia.info. According to the five Liberal Democrats who have announced that they are leaving the party, they would be persecuted by the current leadership.

"I do not know the details, but I'm not surprised, if it is true... I am sorry for my colleagues, I am not one to judge, because I know that I was subjected as well to such retaliation. I also know that they will not recognize it. Now. But I'm sure that the time will come when they will say. Time will show them all. I will not comment on their statements, it is meaningless, and is traditionally, under pressure is declared anything. We, the PLDM, stay strong and devoted to the cause - Moldova to be a free country, with institutions that serve the citizen. Unfortunately, the crazy files avalanche against the local authorities, of opposition parties, reinforces the view that Moldova is fundamentally removed from the model of a democratic European state, by becoming an autocratic state, where the control is the concept that defines politics. To what good is that the majority controls 80% of the local authorities, 90% of the central ones, if it remains the most undesirable government since independence. This will hit them all the same, it hits them, but the power blinds you. This is important, for this we will fight. Moldova should be free," said Pistrinciuc.

We must emphasize that the PLDM has included in his electoral program both the uninominal vote and cancellation of immunity of deputies.

In the summer of 2011, the PLDM submitted to the Constitutional Court the legislative initiative on annulment of the immunity of deputies. Depriving deputies of immunity was then part of the ruling Alliance for European Integration program, approved by Parliament. The leader of the PLDM from then, Valeriu Strelet, appealed to colleagues from the IEA but also to opposition, to support the bill, but the other two components of the Alliance refused to support the initiative of the Liberal Democrats.