Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, George Balan, says that President Igor Dodon may discuss any matter with the serparatist leaders from Tiraspol, but he can not negotiate any topic and can not sign any document on possible commitments and their implementation. The statement was made for Deschide.MD, after the Presidency published the 8 points on the Transnistrian problem that was reached after a meeting between Igor Dodon and Vadim Krasnoseliski in January and that will be discussed Thursday, March 30th, in Holercani.

The document provides the restoration of fixed telephony between the two banks of the river; the application of the mechanism of document approval for graduation of "T. Shevchenko" University from Tiraspol; issuing car license plates, owners of which have their residence in settlements in Transnistria; the restoration of mechanisms for processing agricultural land for inhabitants of villages Dubasari; mechanism of functioning of the 8 schools that are in the Transnistrian region; introduce a moratorium to criminal cases on both sides, instituted against officials; opening of the bridge over the Dniester between the villages Gura Bicului and Biciok.

George Balan told us that four of these points are provided in Protocol of Berlin, and the other four (the lands in Dubasari, the Romanian language schools, the bridge at Gura Bicului and freedom of movement) are agreed by all parties involved in regulations and will be discussed at the next meeting in the 5+2 Format.

"We do not see a problem with the eight points. They were discussed on the platforms for dialogue between all branches of power, but it is not within his competence to negotiate and implement these points. These eight points are discussed both in 1+1 format, as well as in the 5+2 format. The President has the right to discuss anything, nobody can forbid him this, but he can not sign anything for someone else. The negotiation and implementation of these points is Executive's job", told us the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Presidency says, however, that the points may be implemented in a unified package, with the help of mediators and observers in the "5+2" format. 

On Friday, March 30th, Igor Dodon will have a meeting at Holercani with the separatist leader, Vadim Krasnoseliski. According to the president, the two are expected to discuss the package of measures of eight points on the Transnistrian issue. The elected President says that he will talk with Krasnoseliski about the common control points approved by Chisinau and Kiev, but which for the Transniestrian separatists is a "very sensitive issue". In this context we must underline that Moscow officials, including the Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin, were against this topic. Dodon's position on this subject has not been made public.