The MP Angel Agache was excluded today from the parliamentary faction of the Liberal Democratic Party. The decision was taken at the faction meeting.


We remind you that yesterday a group of Liberal Democratic Party leaders have left the party because they did not agree with the opinions of the party leadership in relation to multiple topical issues. It's about the MP Angel Agache; president of Ialoveni district, Anatolie Dimitriu; the alderman, Ghenadie Dumanschi; the former head of the Tourism Agency; Nicolae Platon and Dorin Mandreanu a former member of the National Council for Participation(NPC) - the one party who registered the party at the Ministry of Justice. All five members formed the basis foundation of the PLDM.

Angel Agache told Deschide.MD that the decision was taken after the public statements made by the PLDM leadership to several topics that are included in the program and party statute.

"The current leadership does not comply with the work program, also it violates the status. I hope that at least the faction colleagues will support those principles for which we came into politics because there are some promises to the electorate and respectively tomorrow, a day after tomorrow we will be asked, you promised the uninominal vote, you promised MPs without legislative immunity", declared the MP. 

He said that he just left the party but not the fraction. A decision on its membership in parliamentary configuration will be made depending on the position of PLDM on the uninominal vote and parliamentary immunity.