PPDA, PSRM, PLDM and PN members - but also a group of deputies - have protested today at the Parliament, when the Motion of censure against the Filip Government was to be debated. The protesters stated that they are against the Government decision to transform all the state guarantees for BEM, BS and UB in state debt.

The leader of the Socialist Party, Igor Dodon, declared to the protesters at the Parliament that a new Motion of censure against the Filip Government will be lodged. Dodon stated that the lack of quorum is not a reason that they should not examine the Motion of no confidence.   

The protesters have chanted slogans against the Filip Government, in front of the policemen that have surrounded the main entrance of the Parliament.

We specify that at the end of September, the PPDA leader, as well as PAS leader, stated during the "Interpol" TV show at the TV7 Chanel that they will go to a mutual protest on the day when the Motion of no confidence will be examined, "because the money must be recovered from the funds where they have arrived, not from the citizens". But today Maia Sandu did not come to the protest. 

More than that, the PAS leader, is writing on her Facebook account that "the initiator of the Motion" [The president of PSRM, Igor Dodon - Eds.] „is miming the opposition against the government, and the government is miming the application of the democratic tool, which is the Motion of no confidence”. 

Sandu also writes that "the meeting was summoned in the way that the mobilization of the citizens would be impossible, the only ones who will carry this burden of this decision. The take over of the debts provoked by the bank theft is a very important subject to be treated with such little seriousness"

We remind you that the Motion against the Government failed because of the lack of quorum. At the meeting came 47 deputies from PSRM, PCRM and PLDM. For the first time, the meeting was held by the vice-president Vladimir Vitiuc, but his minute of glory lasted a little longer than a minute.