The mayor of Orhei, Ilan Shor, says that he transferred money to the account of PAS because someone from Maia Sandu's team asked for help. The statement was made today, on the corridors of Buiucani District Court.

"I always I helped those in the PLDM, some people of Maia Sandu asked to help, and we helped them. The money's clean, I do not understand why all are worried," he said.

The PAS representatives say they will come up with a response to the statement of Shor in a press conference.

We remind you that last night the blogger, Eugen Luchianiuc, has published some invoices that are showing that an employee of Ilan Shor has made a stately donation to the Party led by Maia Sandu. The nominee for the presidency confirms that the dubious transaction was made yesterday, but she said that she has already initiated the procedure to return the money because they would be dirty. 

Details: Shor's man donated for PAS 300,000 MDL // Sandu: Instigation! We return the money. Dirty money!