Ironically: Ana Ursachi intercepted her clients defended in an interception case! In the video published yesterday by site she talks with Colonel Alexandru Popescu, former chief of the Department for economic security of SIS. The information was given by knowledgeable sources involved in the case of the lawyer and then it was confirmed by Alexandru Popescu himself.

"Yes, I am in the interception and I am outraged by this act of Ms. Ursachi. It happened in the fall of 2011, when the defendant from our case challenged the military court at the SCJ [Supreme Court of Justice - Editor’s Note], claiming that if they do not operate in the field anymore, the case should be examined in a civil court. SCJ decided our win of the case. In this situation, I consider that some requests should be submitted to withdraw the license of Ms. Lawyer," declared Alexandru Popescu.

He says that Ana Ursachi offered her services in that case and they accepted her as a substitute lawyer to replace the defenders contracted initially but which, for some reasons, could not appear in court.

"Payment for provided services was to be done at the end, but because we have not had a finality with her up to SCJ, things remained as they remained..." said the colonel.

Asked if he noticed any suspicious behavior from his lawyer, in the moments when she filmed him, Alexandru Popescu told us that he had noticed some strange details, but he has overlooked them.

"If you notice, when she says that her blouse was unbuttoned, I was not very talkative. In addition, in the car was also her lover, Mr. Stepuleac. Only now, after seeing the article published in the press, I understand what her role was in this case. I do not deny, she did the job very well, but behind this stood, however, other interests," he added.

Asked what he believes on the reason that Ana Ursachi appealed to such gestures, the quoted source said that the lawyer would have worked for someone: "Maybe she did it for some politicians who today sit in jail, maybe for someone more serious ..."

The case of interceptions in which takes place the conversation between Ursachi and Popescu lasted about 5 years. It is about the former chief of the operative-technical Department of the Intelligence and Security  Service of the communist period, accused by prosecutors of ordering the wiretapping of several top officials including former MPs Alexandru Tanase, Mihai Godea and several employees of SIS including Valentin Dediu, Dorin Gorea or Alexandru Popescu. Eventually, he escaped from prison after the Supreme Court decided to end criminal proceedings against him in connection with the expiration of the limitation period: three years after his conviction in first instance, to three years in jail. Then, to escape from prison, the former official left Moldova, launching, however, several accusations against the prosecutor who handled the case. Injured parties in the dossier consider the SCJ decision was illegal because the law does not allow the invocation of the limitation period during which the person is wanted.

In the context of the same article we will recall that on November 22 legal authorities conducted searches at the house of the attorney. The press wrote then that among the evidence found by law authorities include video and audio with judges, prosecutors, politicians and many others, all made with special equipment, which would have been provided by Anatol Stepuleac, ex-employee of Ministry of Internal Affairs, who cohabits with the lawyer wanted by the police and prosecutor's office for murder.

Police have learned that father of Ana Ursachi would have a flight in a morning at 4:00 to Minsk through Odessa, where he was supposed to submit her all the materials collected in several years.