Iurie Garaba, Deputy of the Prosecutor General and State Legal Counsel of II-nd rank, was stopped for additional checks on Domodedovo airport in Moscow.

Sources of Deschide.MD  reported that Garaba was invited to a ceremony organized by the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation. At a given moment the deputy was stopped for additional checks which lasted more than an hour. Finally those from the Russian border have apologized to Iurie Garaba and let him go.

Deschide.MD recalls that in November the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs from Chisinau - Oleg Babin - was stopped at Domodedovo airport when he was returning to Moldova. Another deputy minister - Dorin Purice - told Deschide.MD that Babin was subjected to a second line check both at landing and taking off of the plane.

In April, also the head of the National Anti-Corruption Center (CNA), Viorel Chetraru has been additionally checked at Sheremetievo airport in Moscow. He was restricted the access to the Russian Federation. Even if Chetraru was traveling with a diplomatic passport, and this allows him to be controlled without line at the border and even cross the border without line.