The management of Jurnal Trust Media announced that after nearly seven years from its launching was forced to leave unconditionally its headquarters. The building representatives asked us to come back later for a reaction, while in the public space appeared the information that the break of the contract came due to the debt that the trust would have.

Jurnal Trust Media announces that the owner of the building where the media institution is located has requested unilaterally the break of the lease contract. The institution will also change the TV program grid from January 16.

"The most recent hit which we received from the owner of the building in which we have our headquarters for almost seven years. Suddenly, it decided to cancel unilaterally and unconditionally the lease agreement, forcing us to leave the headquarters in 35 days. The ones who imagine at least how a television channel functions knows that it is impossible to respect such a restricted term. The ones who have stayed behind this decision staked namely on this fact.

That being said, the Jurnal Trust Media, that includes the Jurnal TV channel and the Jurnal FM radio station, declares the following:

We consider impossible and inopportune the unfolding of a normal activity of the trust in the current conditions.

Given the choice between to entirely stop the Jurnal TV functioning and to find a modality to be further close to our TV viewers, we opted for a new formula of channel of resistence in front of an anti-popular regime.

We announce that, starting with the day of Monday, January, 16, 2017, 00:00, the Jurnal TV channel will have a new TV program grid, just several original products being kept.

We firmly declare that during these seven years we did everything we could in order to promote the truth, but the fight with this oligarchic system that has subordinated the entire state and all the institutions is unequal. A channel that activates on its own and on private resources, without interior or exterior assistance, is not able to compete with someone who ignores any civilized rules of the game.

We hope that the new formula will not disappoint our partners and loyal viewers. Let's oppose! Let's create together a new television of the People!" announces the management of the institution.

Meanwhile, the blogger Eugen Luchianiuc writes that JTV held a meeting in which the production department has been informed that the employment contracts that expire this month will not be extended. "Those from JTV are already looking for a job," writes the blogger.

As well, Luchianiuc writes that the TV channel would have debts for the headquarters' rent in Skytower.