The company "Capital Estate" LLC (which manages and owns International Business Centre SKYTOWER) specifies the information published in the media regarding the situation related to the resident "Jurnal de Chisinau Plus" LLC (Jurnal TV/Jurnal Trust Media).

The decision to terminate the Lease Agreement came in strict compliance with legal and contractual provisions, after several negotiations and amicable attempts to recover rent arrears.

"Unfortunately, the habit of not fulfilling contractual obligations related to debt repayment lasts for several years, and this has a negative impact on our economic activity. We are a company with foreign investment and we have our obligations to creditors. This issue was discussed repeatedly with Jurnal TV, but the situation has not been solved. Jurnal TV always had the possibility to honor the payment obligations till deadline, according to contractual stipulations, therefore, in strict accordance with the Lease Agreement, the decision to terminate the Contract was taken and brought to the attention of Jurnal TV in the term established in the Contract. We disapprove any attempt to speculate on a very clear subject, a business one that refers to not fulfilling contractual obligations related to rent payment for a long period," writes International Business Centre SKYTOWER Administration.

Deschide.MD recalls that Jurnal TV announced that after nearly seven years from its launching was forced to leave unconditionally its headquarters. Jurnal Trust Media announces that the owner of the building where the media institution is located has requested unilaterally the break of the lease agreement.

Details: Jurnal TV forced to leave Skytower headquarters in 35 days