Jurnal TV director, Adrian Gitu, vehemently denies the existence of rent arrears, despite the fact that the company that owns the building where is situated the Trust, declared that the rent payments were not honored. However, Adrian Gitu, said in an intervention during the "Shadow Cabinet" tv show that in June, the lease agreement was extended for a period of 3 years.

------------"It happens after seven years of collaboration, we spoke the same language with the owner of this headquarters, who was paid enormous amounts for Moldova. Jurnal TV is the biggest tenant in this building, occupying a quarter of it. So far nothing forecasted a storm that we would wake up on November 25 with an eviction notice. In any relationship between two trading partners, we talk about the good faith who have no other thoughts and purposes, even if there are a day overdue, 5, 10 or 30, shall be settled amicably. Do you realize the situation we found ourselves when we've been asked that in five days to leave the headquarters. A television needs three to six months to move. At our insistence that period has been extended until the end of the year. It has formally invoked the existence of a debt. From November 25th when we were notified about the eviction, the debt that existed at that time was paid in three days. Since November 28 there was no debt," Adrian Gitu said in a telephone intervention at the "Shadow Cabinet" tv show.

-----------"In the past there have been times when there were registered debts, but the question is why now, when a few months ago this contract was extended for another three years. If there was an intention to end the collaboration because of rent arrears, he could have said clear in early June that the contract will not be extended. To ensure that we will be evacuated very quickly there was filed an action in court on March 6. To our surprise we found out there was an application for urgency," Adrian Gitu declared.

Deschide.MD recalls that Jurnal TV announced that after nearly seven years from its launching was forced to leave unconditionally its headquarters. Jurnal Trust Media announces that the owner of the building where the media institution is located has requested unilaterally the break of the lease agreement.

The company "Capital Estate" LLC (which manages and owns International Business Centre SKYTOWER) decided to terminate the Lease Agreement came in strict compliance with legal and contractual provisions, after several negotiations and amicable attempts to recover rent arrears.