Dniester war veterans consider Igor Dodon is a traitor to the motherland because he commemorated those who started a war against the integrity of the Republic of Moldova.

Anatolie Caraman, chairman of the Tiras-Tighina 1992 War Veterans Association, criticized the President of Moldova for the meeting with the Transnistrian leader Vadim Krasnoselsky and for the series of measures taken after he was sworn in as Head of State. “Igor Dodon profaned what we have most holy. He betrayed us. Why did he apologize to the hangmen and mercenaries who created a separatist region?” Anatolie Caraman asked in a news conference at IPN.

Members of Tiras-Tighina requested Parliament and the Prosecutor General’s Office to investigate the President’s actions and the statements he made after he was installed.

The election of Igor Dodon as President is a mistake, considers Alexandru Banari, chairman of the League “Justice”. “Igor Dodon is a Yanukovich of Moldova. As Yanukovich left Ukraine without Crimea and with war in Donbas, Igor Dodon will leave Moldova without Transnistria,” he stated. Making reference to Igor Dodon’s assertion that Moldova does not need a National Army, Alexandru Banari noted that the Head of State demoralizes the armed forces this way.

Pavel Ventila, deputy head of the National Christian Association of Orthodox Youth, said Igor Dodon and Renato Usatyi love more the Russians than the Moldovans.

The veterans noted they are ready for a long-lasting constitutional struggle with Igor Dodon. They said Moldova has only one correct path – to Bucharest and Brussels.