The former head of the so-called Transnistrian KGB during the "presidency" of Yevgeny Shevchuk, Nicolai Strucikov, was detained in Tiraspol. The investigative bodies of the unrecognized republic incriminate his "abuse of power" while he held the position of head of "Penitentiary Service".

Even if several sources from Transnistria avoided to inform about the detention of Strucikov, Deschide.MD sources have confirmed this.
Thus, Strucikov appears in a criminal case with the former head of the Customs Committee of Tiraspol Yuri Ghervaziuc. It was found that the alleged officials took money from prisoners and intervened for their amnesty. The new administration of Vadim Krasnoseliski's team "discussed" with some inmates who have told the whole scheme created by Stucikov-Ghervaziuc.
Thus, Strucikov was arrested, but Ghervaziuc, at the ritght time, left the territory of Moldova and went to Odessa.
Similarly, our sources reported that Strucikov also appears in another episode. In the day of "presidential elections" in the Transnistrian region he, instructed by Shevchuk, sent the Squad for special purposes of the "Penitentiary Service" at the Transnistrian Election Commission for the intimidation of observers on behalf of "Sheriff" group.