A new member of the group Karamalak engaged in activities of a criminal nature in Moldova comes out "to the surface". It is about George Nazaruc (among acolytes-Jora) who is a citizen with legal papers in Russia, on the name of Gheorghi Orlov. Jora would have been the emissary in Moscow of the thief in law Caramalac, who in complicity with three other men of "Bulgaru" (including the President of Judo Federation) would be blackmailed a Moldovan businessman. Jora managed to escape from the law enforcement officers in Chisinau, but not from a fine for traffic violations while driving the former "Mercedes" of Renato Usatîi on the opposite of a street in Moscow.

At the beginning of December last year (the material can be found here) we inserted a news article about the detention of the President of Judo Federation of Moldova, Andrei Golban "along" with an athlete and a former employee of the police, Gregory Caramalac's people, alias Bulgaru, the famous head of no less famous criminal groups. The individuals would have claimed from a businessman - a citizen of Moldova, with business activities in Moscow - 13 million rubles (200 thousand dollars).

We did not know then that those three were "assisted" by Caramalac's emissary, nicknamed Jora among their circle and known, as a civilian, as Gheorghi Orlov and as George Nazaruc. We have learned - recently inquiring about how the investigation is going - what fate has this outrageous case of extortion. We do not know yet how the mysterious Jora managed to escape then from the law enforcement officers in the capital, but we know that he did not managed to avoid a fine for driving a "Mercedes" on the opposite way in Moscow, owned not by anyone but by Renato Usatii himself, the "Our Party" chairman and - "part time"! - mayor of Balti.

What are therefore the details that we have at this time. In September 2016, Grigore Caramalac sent Jora to Chisinau, to squeeze "the green" from the victim. Jora met with him at a hotel. At the meeting also attended those three. The Messenger of Caramalac, according to our sources, uttered threats and blackmailed him.

Those three, as we wrote, were detained by the officers of the Department for Combating the Organized Crime of Investigation National Inspectorate, in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Causes.

poza simbol

poza simbol

As for Jora, he apparently knew quite well Usatii, if we consider that he has been seen several times in Moscow at the wheel of one of the luxury cars owned by Usatii. It was June 25, 2014 when Jora was sanctioned by Moscow police for - in order to remind you - driving the respective car on countersense, a CL63 AMG Mercedes Benz (example photo) with registration number P226KE 777. Give a click on the internet to see what an outstanding supercar is this!

Well, how comments Usatii - a politician, so a man who subscribes by definition and consequently to the rule of law principles - the relationship with a shady? Contrary to expectations, unruffled, though not without a barely sketched maneuver of dissociation (which, by not having now how to it check out, we take it under the benefit of inventory):

"Yes, I know this man, since 1995. But that does not mean anything. I also know some other men of Caramalac, as well as him. It is natural: we are neighbors with Grigore Caramalac who sits 5 kilometers from me. I've said it. I, the Mercedesyou talk about, I bought it in 2009 and I traveled with him for a year and a half; and then I sold it to Jora. While I had it, the registration number was T521TTT 77. I have a principle: my car, my gun and my wife I do not give to anyone. I have two cars that my drivers drive, but the rest are my cars that drives only me."

Other connections with Caramalac and with Jora, Usatii says that he never had. For the time being we take statement this under the the benefit of inventory.

Coming back to the group headed by president of the Judo Federation, we remind you that, according to a press release from the General Inspectorate of Police, the three members of the criminal organization led by Grigore Caramalac would allegedly extorted, through blackmail, 13 million Russian rubles ($ 200,000).

The victim is a Moldovan citizen, who worked as an entrepreneur in Moscow, the Russian Federation. This summer, the person started to get blackmailed by the members of the criminal group to return a non-existent debt worth $ 200,000. In this respect, the victim was threatened repeatedly that he will not be able to perform any economic activity, that will suffer physically, he and his family members.