In 2016, in the institutions under the Ministry of Internal Affairs were recorded the most acts of corruption - 119. According to data from the National Anti-Corruption Council (CNA), the police are followed by banking financial institutions (110) and local authorities (102) . According to Infotag agency, referring to the CNA report, last year there were 720 acts of corruption, compared with 533 in 2015.

Among the subjects of corruption crimes are 21 judges, two former ministers, 15 mayors, 12 heads of autonomous institutions or territorial ministries and other government departments, 21 lawyers, 100 policemen and 64 directors of state enterprises.

In 2016, CNA officers have examined more than 37 thousand complaints, complaints, requests and petitions, this indicator increasing by 4% compared to same period of the last year. Of their total number, 3205 were complaints against officials. Abroad have been received 297 petitions and appeals. In particular, complaints were received from citizens and organizations located in countries such as Italy, England, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany.

Of the total number of complaints, 10% were anonymous. The citizens often complain about the abuses and illegal actions of officials.