(UPDATE 13.35): The searches at the Minister of Agriculture's, Eduard Grama, residence were completed. According to the sources of Deschide.MD, dignitary will be escorted to the CNA to be questioned.

(UPDATE 11.35): Deschide.MD sources claim that CNA officers and corruption prosecutors went to the residence of the Minister of Agriculture, Eduard Grama. The investigative bodies are to carry out searches related to the dossier on attempted alienation of 30 hectares of land in the village Stauceni.

Searches at the Ministry of Agriculture and in the office of the Minister of Agriculture! Anti-corruption prosecutors jointly with CNA officers raided the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture this morning.

"We confirm the action. Now searches are taking place in the Ministry of Agriculture in the case on the attempts of alienation of those 30 hectares of land in the Stăuceni village. More details at this stage we cannot provide," said Angela Starinschi for Deschide.MD.