The Prosecution for Organized Crime Combat and Special Causes prosecutors (POCCSC) jointly with INI investigation officers raided the company provider of hosting services "Level 7" LLC. Searches are made also in the homes by those administering the company. The operation is carried out based on reasonable grounds that "Level 7" created two websites that illegally retransmitted some sports leagues, rights to which were held by the French television station "Canal +". The information was confirmed exclusively for Deschide.MD, by the deputy head of POCCSC, Vitalie Busuioc.

According to sources in the investigation, in the framework of prosecution has been established that a group of people who manages the company provider of hosting services "Level 7" LLC, created a criminal scheme that infringes the exclusive rights of broadcasting of sports events of the Company "Groupe Canal+"(French TV station Canal+), by making a profit in large proportions.

For this purpose, the company provider of hosting services "Level 7" have created the web pages: and, hosted in Moldova through which retransmit illegally in the global network internet football matches in the Championship of England (Barclays Premier League) football matches in Championship of France, Top 14 rugby matches in the Championship of France, Formula 1 World Championship.

According to preliminary information, the persons running the hosting service company, "Level 7" LLC, have caused the company JSC "Groupe Canal +" damage in especially large amounts of 14.544 million euros of total value.

According to the same information, the company "Level 7" evades the payment of taxes, damaging the state budget in large proportions.

Deschide.MD has obtained the first images of the company's headquarters. From them we see servers and data storage space.

The news will be updated...