On Friday, at the crossroads that lead to Tiraspol, Tirnauca village, near the restaurant "Foisor" and filling station "Kovceg" were installed several tents of Transnistrian militia. At least that appears in some images sent to the editorial office Deschide.MD.

Later, we learned from Eduard Bumbac - member of the Joint Control Commission - that it is about some applications developed by the so-called Ministry of the Interior region.

"The tents were not located in the area of security, only at the border of it. Respectively the announcement of JCC or monitoring the exercise was not necessary. The character of these applications was an intervention, simulating some natural disasters," declared Eduard Bumbac. 

The militiamen involved in the exercise were equipped with bulletproof vests and helmets. Also has been observed soldiers in camouflage and rescue cars. Altogether participated approximately 50-80 policemen and about 40 people in camouflage.

The perimeter of this territory, which is fenced with barbed wire, is monitored by traffic militia crews.

We publish below the images that we received: